Weight Loss

loose jeansI personally offer supervised-weight loss coaching to people within the walls of my practice, and beyond, utilizing technology such as email and Skype.  We can work just as well together whether you are in Indiana or elsewhere.

Our protocol consistently helps people to lose 25-35 pounds in about 45 days

The program is:

  • Personally supervised by me.  I will walk you through every step providing encouragement and support. 
  • Non-drug. No hormones, drugs, or injections.
  • No starvation
  • No fad diet
  • No pre-packaged food to buy.
  • No extreme exercise.

You will be provided all of the nutritional supplements you need, along with a complete guide which will tell you everything to take, what to eat, and when.  You will have daily access to me to help you.  Together we will accomplish what, perhaps, no other doctor has done for you.  Have your other doctors given you their cell phone numbers, email address, and allowed you in their private Facebook group for coaching and encouragement?  That’s what we do.

There is probably no better place to start with most clients (besides chiropractic care) than to get rid of the excess weight.  Once the weight is gone, we can go to work to truly rebuild optimal health and quality of life.

For more information, please watch this video: Introduction to Supervised Weight Loss