How I Help People as a 1:1 Functional Health Coach/Consultant

Let's work together in 2016!

I have 2 very distinct practices. 1). Chiropractic I have a special type of chiropractic practice, called a membership practice.  My clients pay a monthly fee and come in weekly for care.  The membership includes all of the necessary care to NOT merely get them out of pain and functioning better although you can achieve […]

Do you ever feel stress or tension in your neck and shoulders?

We live in a stress-filled world.  One of the most stressful things a person can do is to sit at a computer all day.  I actually find that people with desk jobs and sedentary jobs have more health problems than mechanics and other professionals who find themselves contorted all day. I believe the best way […]

I may not be the best chiropractor…..

but I am different, and for the right person, or family, that difference may make me the absolute best.

I’m not a better chiropractor because I don’t take insurance….. but the reality is that most people don’t have insurance that covers much, if any, chiropractic care anyway.  Most people have high deductibles and copays, and have such pathetic limitations on their chiropractic care, that most people don’t benefit from their insurance as it relates […]

GLGP 040: Hope for Recovery

Karen talks about her work with Desert Rose Recovery

Karen serves as an advocate for individuals and families seeking help with addiction, substance abuse, and compulsive disorders. She can provide information, help with intervention (when necessary), and assist in getting proper treatment. Call her at (812) 345-2382 for help.  

New Office: 3880 E. Third St.

Near the intersection of Third and Smith; between The Office Lounge and Berkshire Hathaway

As of January 31, Drs. Faulkner, Phillips, and myself will be in a new office, located near the intersection of Third St. and Smith Rd.    The office is in between The Office Lounge and the Berkshire Hathaway (Sabbagh Pickens) building. We are in the office with the red awning. Please call 812-345-2375 if you […]