Sleigh Ride at the M Lazy C

A soon to be Holiday Classic with a plot like no other movie ever made.....seriously, ever.

Movie Title: Sleigh Ride at the M Lazy C Starring: Karen Little as Karen, the overpaid advertising agent and fitness model from Denver Scott Little as Scott, the ranch hand and animal chiropractor at M Lazy C. The scene opens with Karen interacting with her slightly effeminate fiancé, whose name is irrelevant, because he gets […]

Dr. Gene Giggleman: One of the Greatest Men I’ve Barely Known

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Have you ever spent a relatively short period of time with someone, and yet they made a huge impact on your life?  One of those people for me is Dr. Gene Giggleman quoted in this image. Dr. Giggleman is a veterinarian, who co-founded the Parker University Animal Chiropractic Program (the program I graduated from) about […]

Animal Chiropractor asks, “Would you tell us a story about the smartest dog you’ve ever known.”

Our first dog together was a tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog, named Baxter.  He looked similar to the one in the photo above, but that’s just a stock image. Now, I have confidence that our guy, Foster, will prove to be as smart as Baxter, but Baxter was indeed a special dog. I remember once we were […]