My Chiropractic Dream Comes True!

My life is excellent!  I have an amazing wife, and our dog, Foster brings us so much joy (the cats bring their unique personalities to life as well). We live in the mountains of Colorado, in the sweetest little cottage, surrounded by aspen and pines, enough off the beaten path to feel away from it […]

Chiropractic for People, Pets, and Pasture Pals

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I am absolutely passionate about how chiropractic improves lives.  I am blessed to provide chiropractic care to people of all ages, and animals of several species – primarily dogs and horses. It’s funny, I’ve been a chiropractor for people for 24 years now.  While in Indiana, I worked with a couple of vets and occasionally […]

Less pain, more mobility, more energy…..he just seems happier

It’s been a great few days to be an animal chiropractor.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to adjust 14 dogs, several of whom were 10-12 years old. I always ask the client to call or text within the first 24 hours – sooner if there is a concern, but certainly to give me […]

Equine Chiropractic: The Dance

May I always remember the words of Dr. Jay Komarek, my teacher and friend

I’m often asked, “How do you adjust a horse?”  My typical, smart aleck response, is, “It’s really no harder than adjusting a zebra.” The reality is that adjusting a large animal isn’t really different than adjusting a person of any age, an English Mastiff, or a Chihuahua.  But one thing I’ve learned from a master […]

Why I am NOT “Dr. Scott Little”

and why you may just call me Scott

Dear Friend, While I am proud of my accomplishments having graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic and the Parker University Animal Chiropractic Program, I am not “Dr. Scott Little”…..I’m just Scott. Dr. Scott Little is the name of my business.  I suppose it’s my brand, but I’m Scott the Chiropractor, or just Scott. (Perhaps Dr. […]

Horse People: Let Me Tell You a Story

How to know if your horse might benefit from chiropractic care.

I am a chiropractor.  I care for people of all ages, as well as pets, and pasture pals.  People ask how one would know if a horse might need chiropractic care.  Here’s the story….   But first….does your horse appear to be lame in the rear appear to be in pain seem lame in the […]