Less pain, more mobility, more energy…..he just seems happier

It’s been a great few days to be an animal chiropractor.  Over the weekend I had the opportunity to adjust 14 dogs, several of whom were 10-12 years old. I always ask the client to call or text within the first 24 hours – sooner if there is a concern, but certainly to give me […]

Equine Chiropractic: The Dance

May I always remember the words of Dr. Jay Komarek, my teacher and friend

I’m often asked, “How do you adjust a horse?”  My typical, smart aleck response, is, “It’s really no harder than adjusting a zebra.” The reality is that adjusting a large animal isn’t really different than adjusting a person of any age, an English Mastiff, or a Chihuahua.  But one thing I’ve learned from a master […]

Horse People: Let Me Tell You a Story

How to know if your horse might benefit from chiropractic care.

I am a chiropractor.  I care for people of all ages, as well as pets, and pasture pals.  People ask how one would know if a horse might need chiropractic care.  Here’s the story….   But first….does your horse appear to be lame in the rear appear to be in pain seem lame in the […]

Animal Chiropractic: What to Expect After an Adjustment

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It’s important to know what you might expect after your dog or horse receives a chiropractic adjustment. There are a few common outcomes and most are normal or to be expected.  What I tell all patients and clients is that, “if it concerns you, it concerns me,” and to call immediately. That said, the most […]

Animal Chiropractic: Do I Have a Story For You!

What you need to know about the potential benefits of chiropractic for your animal......

There is nothing I would rather do than to be a chiropractor to both my human patients and my 4-leggeds (primarily dogs and horses) Since animal chiropractic is a new addition to my 24-year people practice, everyone asks, “how do you know if a dog or horse needs an adjustment?” Excellent question. In the video […]

Could Your Dog Benefit from a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A few signs that your best friend might benefit from chiropractic care

People often think of a chiropractor as a doctor who takes care of back pain or headaches.  They might be shocked to learn that chiropractors care for people of all ages, with and without all sorts of health problems; and they might be shocked to learn that a few chiropractors are licensed to care for […]