Animal Chiropractic: What to Expect After an Adjustment

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It’s important to know what you might expect after your dog or horse receives a chiropractic adjustment. There are a few common outcomes and most are normal or to be expected.  What I tell all patients and clients is that, “if it concerns you, it concerns me,” and to call immediately. That said, the most […]

Animal Chiropractic: Do I Have a Story For You!

What you need to know about the potential benefits of chiropractic for your animal......

There is nothing I would rather do than to be a chiropractor to both my human patients and my 4-leggeds (primarily dogs and horses) Since animal chiropractic is a new addition to my 24-year people practice, everyone asks, “how do you know if a dog or horse needs an adjustment?” Excellent question. In the video […]

My Impressions of Dr. David Volz and the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park

In this video, I share my impressions of Dr. David Volz and the staff at The Animal Clinic of Woodland Park. This man, and his team, have a stellar reputation in town for their kindness and professionalism.  There are several really great veterinarians in town, but when we were in need, we posted on Facebook […]

Better Posture = Better Health = Better Life

And I'm really good at helping people with their posture.

If your posture was better you might look skinnier. If your posture was better your headaches might go away. If your posture was better you might breathe better and your asthma might go away. If your posture was better you might not feel so depressed. You know posture is important, and you know that all […]