How Chiropractic Helps with Stress

Woodland Park chiropractor helps people to overcome stress

The leading causes of health problems are stress-related. In this video I share how, as a chiropractor, I help undo the effects of stress, thus improving a variety of health problems including: headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, insomnia, allergies, anxiety, depression, and a host of other conditions. It must be noted, chiropractic is […]

The Secret to, and Fastest Way, to a Great Life

It's really not that hard!

We all have habits that, if broken and replaced, would result in a greater quality of life and health. Maybe it’s too many carbs, or too much alcohol.  Maybe it’s endless hours on social media accomplishing next to nothing. Maybe you spend too much money, or hang out with the wrong people.  Regardless, the secret […]

My Experience with Daily Headaches, Woodland Park Chiropractor Shares His Story

I had daily headaches for 14 years before discovering chiropractic.

For many years (from the age of 7-21), I suffered daily headaches. At 21, our family started going to the chiropractor and it made a huge difference in my life.  I began to go months without headaches.  My health and quality of life sky-rocketed. If you or someone  you care about suffers with headaches, we […]

Better Posture = Better Health = Better Life

And I'm really good at helping people with their posture.

If your posture was better you might look skinnier. If your posture was better your headaches might go away. If your posture was better you might breathe better and your asthma might go away. If your posture was better you might not feel so depressed. You know posture is important, and you know that all […]

New Office in Woodland Professional Bldg., 400 W. Midland Ave. Ste. 160 C, Starting May 29

(719) 330-2501

I am so grateful for my time in my Basecamp office (Thank you Ed), but I am happy to announce that as of Tuesday, May 29, I will be seeing patients and practice members in a new office on the FIRST FLOOR of the Woodland Professional Building.  That’s the building just west of Cafe Leo, […]