Day Two: Habits

Replacing bad habits with good ones

What are a couple of bad habits that you have that could easily be replaced with good ones?  That’s the best place to start.  Pick something small, like drinking water instead of soda, or putting your clothes in the hamper instead of on your dresser. As Tom Ziglar says, “The fastest way to success is […]

Day One: Assessing My Relationships With……

This is the first place to start with our 30-day Great Life Game Plan Journey

On day one, we assess on a scale of 1-10 the quality of our relationships to people and other entities.  You may come up with others, but at minimum assess your relationships on a scale of 1-10 with: Yourself Spouse and children Family Co-workers God Food Time Exercise Money Drugs, including illegal, prescription, recreational, and […]

Creating Your Great Life Game Plan

Woodland Park Chiropractor has a plan for improving your Quality of Life and Health

For several years, Karen and I, had a radio show, turned podcast, called Your Great Life Game Plan, where we said, “the secret to a great life was to figure out how to have a great day, a great week, a great month, a great year, and just repeat that over and over again.” We […]

The Secret to, and Fastest Way, to a Great Life

It's really not that hard!

We all have habits that, if broken and replaced, would result in a greater quality of life and health. Maybe it’s too many carbs, or too much alcohol.  Maybe it’s endless hours on social media accomplishing next to nothing. Maybe you spend too much money, or hang out with the wrong people.  Regardless, the secret […]