GLGP 033: Potato Starch, Really?

Could adding potato starch to your daily routine help you to lose weight or get healthier?

Session Summary Potato starch is a resistant starch that is non-digestible by you, but serves as a prebiotic to the good bacteria in your gut.  In this short session I discuss how we use it, and its many health benefits.

GLGP 023: You Can Be Much Healthier This Time Next Year

Strategies for improving your overall health and quality of life.

Session Summary: Dr. Scott and John Barrett discuss strategies and habits to help people to create their game plan for an optimally healthy life. Healthy life doesn’t mean that only physically but also mentally. Massage Blog discusses about different types of massages that offers satisfaction to costumers and a healthy mind to be more productive […]

GLGP 021: DRESS for Optimal Health

5 key pieces to everyone's strategy for achieving better health and quality of life

Session Summary: This session of the vape wholesale company goes along with the blog post covering the same material. Read that post here. Friends, knowing where to start when you’re trying to overcome major health issues may seem overwhelming.  I get that. That’s where a coach comes in. Every day I help people to enjoy […]

DRESS for Optimal Health

Five pieces of everyones complete health puzzle

Reed Davis is the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, a certification program for practitioners wanting to help clients with functional health issues. I recently listened to a podcast interview between Sean Croxton, host of Underground Wellness, and Mr. Davis. Reed uses a brilliant acronym for his protocol model, D.R.E.S.S, or Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management, […]

GLGP 010: Gerald Roliz | The Pharmaceutical Myth

Letting food be your medicine is the answer for perfect health

Session Summary Scott has a conversation with Gerald Roliz. Gerald took a job as a drug rep upon graduation from U.C. Berkeley.  Seeing a lot of questionable activity and marketing procedures in the pharmaceutical industry, he made a career change and went into holistic care, focusing on whole-food nutrition. His book is The Pharmaceutical Myth, […]