GLGP 033: Potato Starch, Really?

Could adding potato starch to your daily routine help you to lose weight or get healthier?

Session Summary Potato starch is a resistant starch that is non-digestible by you, but serves as a prebiotic to the good bacteria in your gut.  In this short session I discuss how we use it, and its many health benefits.

GLGP 032: What Questions Are You Asking Yourself Today?

Session Summary: Scott and John discuss the importance of taking a daily inventory by creating a list of questions to ask yourself every day. If you need help with health-related issues go to Scott Little’s website. If you or a loved one is battling an addiction or compulsive disorder, go to Karen Little’s website. If […]

GLGP 030: How We Make Our Coffee and Shakes

2 strategies for optimizing nutrition and fat-burning

Session Summary: We start most mornings with our own version bulletproof coffee. We’re often asked for the recipe, so we cover it in this session. Our other strategy for getting an abundance of nutrition is our daily shake. We also provide our basic procedure and recipe for it. Scott’s website Karen’s website