Our approach starts with the upper cervical spine.

Our approach to chiropractic is that the upper cervical spine, regardless of symptomatic presentation, is the most important area of consideration.  It is located in a very key area, right where the brainstem and spinal cord meet each other, a place of significant neurologic interference, both upstream and downstream. All autonomic function may be affected […]

Our concept of the Chiropractic Subluxation

The professional objective of chiropractic is to locate, analyze, and correct (or reduce) subluxations, as defined by the chiropractic profession, which is different from the medical or veterinary definitions. From our perspective (Light Force Adjusting Methods), a chiropractic subluxation comes in two forms, with two specific definitions.  Chiropractic subluxations may be Neuro-Structural, or they may […]

Equine Chiropractic: The Dance

May I always remember the words of Dr. Jay Komarek, my teacher and friend

I’m often asked, “How do you adjust a horse?”  My typical, smart aleck response, is, “It’s really no harder than adjusting a zebra.” The reality is that adjusting a large animal isn’t really different than adjusting a person of any age, an English Mastiff, or a Chihuahua.  But one thing I’ve learned from a master […]

My Impressions of Dr. David Volz and the Animal Clinic of Woodland Park

In this video, I share my impressions of Dr. David Volz and the staff at The Animal Clinic of Woodland Park. This man, and his team, have a stellar reputation in town for their kindness and professionalism.  There are several really great veterinarians in town, but when we were in need, we posted on Facebook […]

New Office in Woodland Professional Bldg., 400 W. Midland Ave. Ste. 160 C, Starting May 29

(719) 330-2501

I am so grateful for my time in my Basecamp office (Thank you Ed), but I am happy to announce that as of Tuesday, May 29, I will be seeing patients and practice members in a new office on the FIRST FLOOR of the Woodland Professional Building.  That’s the building just west of Cafe Leo, […]