Animal Chiropractor asks, “Would you tell us a story about the smartest dog you’ve ever known.”

Our first dog together was a tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog, named Baxter.  He looked similar to the one in the photo above, but that’s just a stock image.

Now, I have confidence that our guy, Foster, will prove to be as smart as Baxter, but Baxter was indeed a special dog.

I remember once we were playing ultimate frisbee and Karen twisted her ankle. We had Baxter with us and I remember he just stood there and let her prop her foot on his back to ice it, for about 15 minutes, and if anyone would come near her, he’d sorta glare at them as if to say, “My Mommy is hurt, you better leave her alone.”

Baxter also had this thing whereby if he was sick, or had diarrhea, and we were either asleep or gone, he would throw up or poop in the bathtub – even if the shower curtain was closed – as if to say, “This will be easier for Mommy and Daddy to clean up.”

Dogs are great, and they bring so much joy to our lives.  Foster may be the sweetest dog we’ve ever had.

As a canine chiropractor, I love to meet people’s dogs and learn what makes them special.  I love to hear stories about how they came in to the family, his favorite toy, or just what makes her special.  Please share what makes your dog, or perhaps a dog who is no longer with you, special.

Hey, if I could serve as your dog’s chiropractor, I’d be really honored.  Canine chiropractic is awesome, not only for reducing pain or restoring motion to  stuck joints, but chiropractic care has the potential of improving the quality of life and health in many other ways.

Especially when we correct chiropractic subluxations in the upper cervical and sacro-pelvic areas, we have the potential of making a difference in the brainstem, cerebellum and limbic system.  These areas of the brain  control balance and coordination, muscle tone throughout the body, as well as most autonomic functions including those of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and immune system.  The limbic system may improve overall state of wellbeing.

When we find subluxations, interference in the brain and nervous system, caused by misaligned, stuck bones in the spine and pelvis, and gently correct those, subluxations, people will report things like, improved energy, movement, breathing, attitude – any number of things.

We should talk about the potential quality of life and health benefits of chiropractic care for your dog….or even you 🙂  Give me a call, (719) 330-2501