Chiropractic and Cancer

Chiropractic is not a treatment for cancer, and yet every man, woman, or child battling cancer should be under regular chiropractic care.  Do you know why?

Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in America.  Globally, cancer kills 7.6 million people each year.  This year 12 million people will be given the horrifying news that they have cancer.

Every one of those people, would benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments….but the reality is that while chiropractic care is in no way a medical treatment for cancer, or any other medical treatment, logic would suggest that anyone with or without cancer would benefit from a free flow of mental and nerve impulses traveling from the brain to every tissue cell, giving the patient a greater opportunity for increased vitality.

You see, chiropractic has nothing to do with low back pain.  Many people falsely assume that chiropractors are doctors who focus on the musculoskeletal system and treat back problems.  This is such a small and limited view of the true objective and purpose of chiropractic that it keeps people who might significantly benefit from regular chiropractic care from getting it – again, not to treat their medical condition, but rather to improve their quality of life, and to promote optimal health.

Chiropractic is about the function of the nervous system as it relates to stress.  We live in a fallen, stress-filled, world and our nervous systems are constantly faced with the job of adapting us to our environments.  Any person WITH or WITHOUT cancer will do better with a nervous system free of interference.

For that reason, every person, with or without cancer, should be under regular chiropractic care, not merely to reduce pain and improve function, but to give the body (and mind) every fighting chance to achieve optimal health, to improve quality of life, and to prevent further damage.

The immune system is the mobile extension of the nervous system, given the job of fighting foreign invaders.  Cancer cells are renegade or rogue cells that must be destroyed in order for a person’s optimal health and quality of life to be restored.  Regardless of what medical treatment a cancer patient is pursuing, there is never a time when it is okay to have a less than optimal nervous system supplying life to every cell, organ, and system of the body.

Chiropractic clients consistently report improvement in musculoskeletal aches and pains, but they also report a greater sense of well-being, improved sleep, increased energy and vitality, and literally 100s of other common effects.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is an extremely emotional event for all involved.  Fear, anxiety, depression, regret, embarrassment, and many other negative emotions rear their ugly head at this time, this emotional problems will be hard to fight, and most of the time the bets option is to visit in order to feel better.  Chiropractic plays a significant role in helping to improve the mental state, which can only have a positive effect on a person’s state of wellbeing.  Chiropractic patients typically report better sleep and ability to relax.

Regardless of the medical treatment being pursued, it is important that the liver, kidneys, lungs, digestion system – indeed, all of the organs have an optimal nerve function due to the added demand and stress.

How often should someone battling cancer be checked by their chiropractor?  That certainly varies.  The true answer would be they should be checked as often as possible and adjusted when subluxations are found.  Practically speaking, I like to see my clients who have cancer more frequently than those without, simply due to the added stress in their lives.  So, I like to check my clients with cancer at least once per week – more often if they need.  If a patient is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy or drug therapy, they may not be able to come in at certain times, but the big idea is that they should come in as often as necessary to make sure that their nervous system is free of interference.

A membership-style practice is ideal, in my opinion, for clients with cancer to get all of the care they need at an affordable fee. Very few people have insurance that is of value towards their true chiropractic needs.  Certainly no insurance is going to cover the amount of visits that I would like to see my clients with this level of stress.  That’s why I love the membership model of practice that allows clients to come in for as much care as they need, at a set monthly fee.  This gives me the freedom of suggesting as much care as I honestly think will be of benefit to them, without regards to what insurance will cover.  Plus, cancer patients are already under a great deal of financial stress, so being able to receive as much care as they need at a set monthly fee is very beneficial.

So, in conclusion, while chiropractic care is not intended for treating cancer, nor is there any implication that chiropractic care cures cancer, it only makes logical sense that since chiropractic adjustments help to optimize the function of one’s nervous system, the master system which controls and coordinates the function of every other tissue cell, organ, and system of the body, that gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments would be of value to anyone with or without cancer.

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