Do you ever feel stress or tension in your neck and shoulders?

We live in a stress-filled world.  One of the most stressful things a person can do is to sit at a computer all day.  I actually find that people with desk jobs and sedentary jobs have more health problems than mechanics and other professionals who find themselves contorted all day.

I believe the best way of using chiropractic is to go weekly.  In my practice, members pay a monthly fee to come in weekly.  If I feel they need to come in more than once for a while, that’s at no additional charge.

My first visit fee is $100, however, no one pays that because I give a $50 credit towards the first visit for watching the video below.  It’s 19 minutes but absolutely worth the time to save $5o.00.  I know the video screenshot says $40.00, but I do, indeed, offer a $50.oo credit.

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