Dr. Gene Giggleman: One of the Greatest Men I’ve Barely Known

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Have you ever spent a relatively short period of time with someone, and yet they made a huge impact on your life?  One of those people for me is Dr. Gene Giggleman quoted in this image.

Dr. Giggleman is a veterinarian, who co-founded the Parker University Animal Chiropractic Program (the program I graduated from) about 18 years ago.  He also taught Anatomy and Physiology and Basic Science at Parker for somewhere around 30 years.  I may not be 100% accurate in my numbers, but I’m close enough for a blog post.

I suspect that in 30 years of teaching chiropractic students, both human and animal, that you would not find anyone who could conjure up a course word about the man.

I only spent 15 days with him – 5 weekends, and yet, ask me in 10 years who a few of the greatest people I’ve ever encountered, and Dr. Gene Giggleman will, without hesitation, make the list.

Quite frankly, I had low expectations for the animal chiropractic program.  I (somewhat arrogantly) figured that with 24 years of chiropractic experience, that I would just go through the motions to become legal, and that there was nothing they could teach me of significant value.

That changed, the minute I met Dr. Giggleman.  He was a master teacher and lecturer, and understood the basic philosophy, art, and science of chiropractic better than most chiropractors.  He also put together a staff at Parker Animal, that was extraordinary, another sign of a great leader.

Today, partly as a result of the impact of Dr. Giggleman, I intend to devote the rest of my life to teaching and sharing the basic principles – the philosophy, art, and science of chiropractic and animal chiropractic to as many who will allow me, human clients, human owners, veterinarians and chiropractors interested in animal chiropractic.

Indeed, all God’s creatures, that have a spine and nervous system have the potential for a higher quality of life and health through chiropractic care.  I will spend the rest of my life telling the chiropractic story, and mastering my craft as a chiropractor for “people of all ages and animals of several species.”