Horse People: Let Me Tell You a Story

How to know if your horse might benefit from chiropractic care.

I am a chiropractor.  I care for people of all ages, as well as pets, and pasture pals.  People ask how one would know if a horse might need chiropractic care.  Here’s the story….


But first….does your horse

appear to be lame in the rear

appear to be in pain

seem lame in the turn

drag a rear leg

short stride

pull  a hip to one side

lack power

carry the tail to one side

pull back

hold her head funny

or just not seem to be “right”?

There are literally dozens of signs that your horse may benefit from chiropractic care.  We should talk about it.


Chiropractic is based on the fact that living organisms are self-healing and self-regulating.  We have a built in system that is constantly striving to keep us in balance, coordination, adaptation, and health.  That’s called homeostasis.

Chiropractic is also based on the fact that the Central Nervous System, including the brain and spinal cord is the master system which controls the function of every cell, organ and system in the body.

I like to think of the brain and nervous system as being like our built in super computer.  Computers have operating systems, and run programs and software – much of which runs in the background without you knowing anything about it.

Our brain (computer) has an operating system that is constantly striving to keep us in homeostasis, and it’s called innate intelligence.  Innate intelligence is the life inside of us that is constantly striving to keep us alive, functioning, and adapting.

Chiropractic is also based on an intimate relationship between the spine and nervous system.  In order for the nervous system to function optimally, without interference, all of the bones of the spine must be in proper position and function.  Misaligned, stuck, dysfunctional spinal segments wreak havoc with the function of the brain and central nervous system, and that’s bad.  It can literally cause or contribute to nearly any health or quality of life issue, you, your family, or your animals encounter.

We are constantly under stress, chemical, mental, and physical.  So are our animals.  When stress levels overwhelm our nervous system’s ability to adapt to it, tension is created in the neuromusculoskeletal system that can be so severe that bones in the spine can misalign and the nervous system may be severely interfered with. That is called a subluxation, and the sole objective of the chiropractic adjustment is to correct subluxations to allow the central nervous system, complete with built in innate intelligence, to restore function, adaptation, healing, and homeostasis.

Horses need chiropractic care.  They are under stress, much of which we understand, and some of which we aren’t aware of.

What sorts of physical, mental and emotional, or chemical stressors do horses have to adapt to?  Riders with bad biomechanics or poor saddle fit? Encounters with aggressive members of the herd? Cruel training methods before he became yours? Being cooped up in a stall, high-sugar nutrition… If you put your mind to it, you might think of dozens of stressors that your horse must adapt to.

We all have a built-in (innate) capability to resist stress.  But if stress levels overwhelm our ability to adapt, subluxations occur and our health and quality of life are compromised.

Luckily a properly trained and licensed equine chiropractor can analyze the spine and nervous system for subluxations, correct them, and allow the horse’s own nervous system to function the way it was designed.

I believe every man, woman, child, or animal with a spine and nervous system, has the potential of functioning, adapting, and healing better, through chiropractic care.

I am honored to be a chiropractor who takes care of people of all ages, and animals of several species, primarily dogs and horses.  I would love to care for you, your family, or your four-leggeds.  Please watch the video below for more information about how chiropractic care might help you, your family, or your animals.

In this video I talk about Animal Chiropractic, what an Animal Chiropractor does, what sort of conditions Animal Chiropractic “treats”, and more about how to know if a person or animal might benefit from chiropractic care.