How Does Animal Chiropractic Work?

And why I'd like to be your dog or horses' chiropractor

I love taking care of both people and animals.  Animal chiropractic is especially cool, because animals respond so quickly to care.  They often times have more energy, are in less pain, move and function better, and are noticeably more healthy, after a small number of chiropractic adjustments.

The objectives and principles of chiropractic are the same whether one walks on two legs or four.

Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that living organisms are self-healing and self-regulating.  That’s called homeostasis, and it means that the organism has the innate potential to maintain balance, function, adaptation, and health.

We call the wisdom of the body that maintains us in homeostasis, innate intelligence.  Since the brain and nervous system is the master system which controls and controls all other cells, organs, and systems, and since the nervous system is like a master computer, I like to think of the innate intelligence as being like the operating system and all the built-in software of the computer.

Chiropractic is also based on an intimate relationship between the bones of the spine and the function of the brain and nervous system.  Indeed, in order for the nervous system to function optimally, all the bones of the spine must be in proper alignment and not stuck out of place.

Unfortunately, stress and tension can overwhelm the body’s ability to adapt to it and bones in the spine can get misaligned.  When that happens, it can create an interference to the nervous system.  That’s called a subluxation, and it’s like having a computer that becomes fragmented or infected with malware or viruses.  It doesn’t function optimally.  It gets bogged down.  It’s sick.

The purpose of chiropractic care is to gently correct these subluxations in an effort to help the patient to function and adapt, to have a higher quality of life and health, and to possibly prevent further damage, dis-ease, and disease.  Does that make sense?

I love animal chiropractic, because typically in a matter of up to a few adjustments, clients see a difference in their pet.  If you’ve ever had a computer that was totally infected with malware and viruses, and had an IT guy clean it up, you know what removing the interference does for promoting optimal performance.   Chiropractic does the same thing in people of all ages as well as animals.

So, here are some questions to ask is my pet moving normally?  Are they in pain?  Is there a difference in their behavior?  What is their breed.  We have created some significant genetic hindrances in many breeds in an effort to get the perfect looking animal.

If you have any reason to think that your pet or pasture pal isn’t experiencing an ideal quality of life and health, or if they just aren’t moving, functioning, or adapting right, we should talk about the potential benefits of chiropractic for them.

Chiropractic doesn’t replace the need for medicine, unless chiropractic replaces the need for medicine.  The opposite is true as well. Medicine doesn’t correct subluxations, and thus doesn’t replace the need for chiropractic.  It’s all about what is best for the overall performance, health, and quality of life of your animal.

By the way, only properly trained, and certified chiropractors and veterinarians should ever provide chiropractic care to animals.  Not every chiropractor is able to provide such care, just like I am not able to provide acupuncture or electro-therapy.  One must have taken proper training and have a special license from the State.  Make sure that your veterinarian or animal chiropractor has been properly trained and can legally adjust your animal.

Give me a call.  Let’s talk about chiropractic and the potential benefits for your best friend. (719) 330-2501.