I may not be the best chiropractor for you…..

but I am different, and for the right person, or family, that difference may make me the absolute best.

I’m not a better chiropractor because I don’t take insurance…..

but the reality is that most people don’t have insurance that covers much, if any, chiropractic care anyway.  Most people have high deductibles and copays, and have such pathetic limitations on their chiropractic care, that most people don’t benefit from their insurance as it relates to chiropractic.

Besides, insurance won’t pay for chiropractic care if the primary intent is to promote optimal health, improve quality of life, or prevent further  damage, dis-ease, or disease.  Since that is always my primary intent, my care is considered non-medically necessary and not covered by insurance (health savings accounts may be the exception).

I’m not a better chiropractor because I don’t do nutrition…..

I have studied clinical nutrition for more than 20 years.  I know a lot about nutrition.  The most important thing is to stop eating sugar and refined foods, and start eating real foods.  Most people are addicted to sugar and grains and need to address that more than anything else.  As for supplements, I don’t care to make my money on them.  I refer people to my friend, Mark, at Whole in the Wall Herb Shop.

I’m not a better chiropractor because I don’t do massage, therapy modalities, acupuncture, or personal training…..

There are many lanes leading to health and wellness, and I choose to stay in mine.  I do a great job of assessing interference to the brain and nervous system, caused by mis-aligned vertebra, primarily in the upper neck and pelvic area.  That’s what I do very well. That’s something I think every member of your family should be checked for on a weekly basis.  I have a very fair fee system that promotes individuals and families getting checked and adjusted on a weekly basis.

I’m not a a better chiropractor because I have a very cool hat…..

Well, yes I am.  It’s a very cool hat, and one that I purchased at the Cowhand, in Woodland Park, CO, in 1983, on our way up to Lost Valley Ranch.  That began a life-long love affair with Lost Valley.  We vacationed there as a family, I worked there, Karen and I were engaged there, we vacationed there as a couple, and now we live here to be close to Lost Valley Ranch.

So, I’d be honored to see if what makes me different, is exactly what would make me the perfect chiropractor for you and your family.  I’m looking to build relationships with people I can grow old and healthy with.  That’s what my approach to chiropractic is all about – providing excellent care at an affordable fee that results in your improved health and quality of life.

Let’s talk.  Just give me a call or message me, (719) 330-2501.

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