Why My 2020 Stands to be My Best Year Ever

My professional passion is chiropractic.  I am entering my 25th year of human practice, and I’m proud of the results we have seen in people of all ages, from merely hours old, on up to seniors.

This year I was able to become fully certified and licensed as an Animal Chiropractor; now able to add dogs and horses to the mix (other species with veterinary consent.)

My human practice is very special, and relatively unique.  I believe the best way to use chiropractic for most people is to get checked weekly for subluxation.  My practice members pay a monthly fee and come in on a weekly basis to get checked and adjusted, when necessary.  It’s a great value, and, again, in my opinion, the best way to use chiropractic.

My canine and equine practice continues to grow, and I’d appreciate it if you would tell your friends with dogs or horses about me.  Adjusting animals is so much fun because they respond so quickly.   They don’t have democrats or republicans, CNN or FoxNews.   They don’t pay taxes, drink vodka, or spend more than they make for Christmas presents.  Still, they are under stress, and benefit significantly and quickly from chiropractic care.

In addition to building my human, canine, and equine practice, I have recently launched a podcast for practitioners of Animal Chiropractic, entitled, LifeUnbridled, LifeUnleashed: An Animal Chiropractic Podcast.  The objective is to help fellow animal chiropractors to become the very best at communicating and practicing animal chiropractic.

We are also launching an online training program, called The Animal Chiropractic Academy to teach introductory and advanced seminars in animal chiropractic, and to offer mentoring and retreats to help practitioners become the best they can be.

2020 stands to be my best year yet.  I pray that God will see fit to send me, not only the right people, pets, and pasture pals to care for, but also the right practitioners who either want to explore the idea of becoming a practitioner of Animal Chiropractic, or to better their communication and adjusting skills.

If you know of anyone for whom I might be of service, please have them to reach out to me.