Why on Earth do you see so many children?

Do children have bad backs?

People are sometimes shocked to see so many families, including small children, coming to see me for chiropractic care.  The question always arises, “Do kids have back pain?”

Honestly, chiropractic has nothing more to do with back pain than it does ear infections, asthma, allergies, anxiety, depression, colic, headaches, or literally any other condition.

Chiropractic has one objective and that is to correct something that happens in the brain and nervous system, called a subluxation.  Subluxations are mis-aligned vertebra that cause interference in brain function – especially in the brainstem, cerebellum, and limbic system.  These are areas of major autonomic function.

Chiropractic serves to restore function and adaptability of the spine and nervous system, to allow for a higher quality of life, more optimal health, and less potential for further damage, dis-ease, or disease.

Most of us don’t even leave the birth canal without some major upper cervical dysfunction caused by all of the pulling, twisting, and tension placed on the neck.

Then children learn to walk, and fall down a dozen times per day (or per hour), then they sit in class every day and develop forward head posture…..not to mention the horrible health consequences of text neck.

Yes, there are all sorts of mental/emotional, physical, and chemical causes of subluxations in the spine of kids, and the sooner they get corrected, the less longterm damage is done, and the higher quality of life and health the child has the potential of enjoying.

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