House Calls

Let's simplify your life. I'll come to you.

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I have a great little studio office in Woodland Park, and you’re welcome to come there during regular hours if that’s convenient for you.

My hours in the studio are specifically designed around the fact that Woodland Park is a bedroom-community, so I keep evening and weekend hours in that office.

At other times I pack my gear in the truck and go to people’s homes or where they work.  Perhaps they are visiting our area and I’ll make a special trip to their guest ranch, retreat, or hotel.

House call clients appreciate that they don’t need to make a special trip in to town or the office.  Perhaps they put in extremely long hours at work and can’t get away; perhaps the thought of packing up the family for a trip to  town is enough to prevent the endeavor; perhaps the person is a guest on a dude ranch or at a fly fishing lodge, and just needs the doctor to come to them….house calls very valuable.