“Do you take my insurance?”

That’s the first question most people ask me when they call my office.

They don’t ask if I’m accepting new patients, if I’m good at what I do, or if I think I could make their life better.  They just want to know who is going to pay for it.  They don’t even know what the fees are!

They just assume that chiropractic care in ALL offices is expensive. Insurance is NOT necessary to receive care in a membership chiropractic office.  

The reality is that most insurance policies have deductibles – the amount you must pay before insurance kicks in; they also have co-pays – the amount you must pay per visit.  More often than not, my fees are less than most people’s copays, and it is increasingly common for people to have a high deductible or a high copay, with a Health Savings Account or Flex Spend Account (HSA or FSA).

The good news is that HSA/FSA plans can typically be used for most, if not all, of your care in my office!

Here’s what you need to know about ALL major medical health insurance.  Insurance ONLY pays for medically necessary care and services.  

If the intent of care is to:

  1. Promote optimal health
  2. Improve quality of life
  3. Prevent further damage or disease
  4. Objective improvements can no longer be measured

then such care is NOT considered medically necessary.  It may very well be extremely important and valuable, but it is not considered “medically” necessary.

Since my intention is ALWAYS to not only reduce pain and increase function, but to promote optimal health, improve quality of life, and to prevent further problems, my care is NEVER considered medically necessary.

Most insurance policies only cover a maximum of 12 visits, and only if a significant neuromusculoskeletal injury has occurred. Our belief is that every person, of every age, should be under regular chiropractic care for their entire life.  We believe that just like everyone benefits from breathing clean air, eating healthy foods, exercising, and enjoying loving relationships, everyone benefits from a spine and nervous system that is free of interference.

So, in our practice we say that insurance is not necessary.  Ours is a membership practice whereby individuals, families, and even companies pay a monthly fee for “unlimited” chiropractic care.  It is important to understand what “unlimited” means.  A typical patient is seen 2-3 times per week for a few weeks to get out of pain or restore optimal function.  This may take a week or it may take several weeks.  Once the member has seen some real improvements, we typically reduce our frequency of visits to once a week.  Most members are seen somewhere between 40 and 60 times per year.  They pay the same monthly fee.  It’s sort of like a gym membership.

Unlimited does not mean that you come in every day.  That’s not even beneficial.  What it does mean is that you will get as many adjustments as it takes to get to weekly care, and once you are doing really well, we will reduce the frequency of your care to weekly.  Some people only come in every other week.  That’s fine.

Most chiropractors get adjusted every week, and that’s the sort of care they provide their family members.  So, why would they recommend anything less for their patients.  There can only be one reason for that: insurance won’t pay for it.  That’s a terrible gauge for recommending care.  I will always make my recommendations based on what I feel is best for YOU, not Anthem, Cigna, Medicare, or any other third party payor.

So, the answer is, “NO,” I don’t accept your insurance (except HSA/FSAs), but I do offer “unlimited” care at a fixed monthly fee that most everyone can afford, that will allow you to receive ALL of the benefits of chiropractic care, not merely the medically necessary ones.

Again, just to be clear: Unlimited is defined as all of the chiropractic care that I recommend to get you out of pain, restore optimal function and health, improve your quality of life, and to prevent further health problems.  For most practice members this will be up to about 60 visits per year.

I wish your insurance paid for that sort of care.  The reality is they don’t.  The best news is our fees are so low that most people find that they don’t need the insurance to pay for their care any way.

The very best part of a membership practice is the doctor/patient relationship that occurs.  I am FREE to make my recommendations based on what I believe is best for you, and not what your insurance plan covers.  That’s clean.  I work for you.  I don’t work for Obamacare, Anthem, Medicare, or any other insurance company.  I just work for you.

And insurance is simply not necessary.