GLGP 005: The Adrenal Reset Diet | Dr. Alan Christianson

Cycling carbs and proteins to lose weight, balance hormones, to move from stressed to thriving

Session Summary:

In this episode of the podcast Scott shares with Karen what he has been learning by studying the work of Dr. Alan Christianson, NMD  and reviews his book, The Adrenal Reset Diet.

Scott:  So, this week I was listening to an episode of Sean Croxton’s Underground Wellness podcast in which he was interviewing Dr. Alan, and talking about his book, The Adrenal Reset Diet, and the work he did with helping to balance his patient’s hormones.

It just so happened that I was on a walk, while listening to the podcast, and ended up at Barnes and Nobel and bought the book, read it, and listened to the podcast, as well as several of Dr. Alan’s podcasts .  I want to report on what I’ve been learning.


We begin the show with a discussion about our experience on the Beachbody 21-Day Fix, and the habits we learned in the 21 days that will serve our lifestyle going forward

I then talk about Dr. Alan Christianson and his book, The Adrenal Reset Diet.  He teaches people how to “strategically cycle carbs and proteins to lose weight, balance hormones, and move from striving to thriving.

Dr. Christianson is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who practices in the Phoenix area.  He is a husband, father, author, podcaster, rock climber, star gazer, AND MOUNTAIN UNICYCLER! We’d never heard of such a thing.

He’s a frequent guest on Dr. Oz, CNN, The Doctors, and the Today Show.  He’s written for Women’s World, USA Today, Newsweek, and Shape Magazine….AND HE RIDES A MOUNTAIN UNICYCLE!

We discuss his background, and some defining moments in his life that led to his interest in health and natural healing.

Dr. Christianson talks about four phases of adrenal health 1) Thriving, 2) Stressed, 3) Wired and Tired, and 4) Completely Crashed.

He discusses the Cortisol Rhythm and how our cortisol levels should be highest in the morning (within a normal range) and taper off as the day goes on. Each of the phases 2-4 have abnormal rhythms and levels, and how, when, and what we eat greatly affects the balance of our cortisol rhythm.

On page 5 of the introduction he writes, “The Adrenal Reset Diet really is different because it is not a low-anything diet – in fact, too little food and too much exercise can actually cause weight gain.”

In the book, he discusses how to cycle carbs throughout the day to support our cortisol rhythm.  He discusses how to restore our circadian rhythms, so that we sleep well and give the liver an opportunity to burn fat.  He also teaches relaxation and stress-management techniques to support healing.

He made general supplement recommendations which I was easily able to apply to our use of Standard Process and Medi-Herb products.

He describes his version of Carb Cycling as being as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Basically, each meal will consist of a protein the size of one’s palm, a golf ball-sized portion of fat, and one golf ball-sized serving of fruit in the morning, 2 at lunch, and 3 at dinner.

We highly recommend buying his book and applying some, if not all of his principles and procedures.

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