Tenkara Videos

These videos are the intellectual property of two of my favorite tenkara companies, Tenkara USA, and Tenkara Rod Co.    They have been taken from the respective company’s YouTube channels.  They are intended to not only give the visitor to this site a deeper understanding about what simple, fixed-line, fly fishing is all about, but also to promote tenkara, and  these great companies.

Tenkara USA

What is Tenkara?

Daniel Galhardo and Hisao Ishigaki Tie Tenkara Flies (kebari)

Utah Killer Bug Variations

Tenkara Fly-Fishing

The Tenkara Experience

Tenkara Rod Co.

Tenkara Fishing for Big Fish

Father and Son Tenkara Fishing

Tenkara Girls – Mellow Summer Fishing

Tenkara Alaska