Dave Chambers, Bloomington, IN

Dr. Scott ‘ s chiropractic care has been a major blessing to me in the last 6 months or so. I’ve been involved in weight training/bodybuilding since the late 90’s, and own a business that can be demanding of my lower back. I signed up for his unlimited care plan, during which time I was convinced that I was going to eventually need back surgery. Since then, my quality of life has drastically improved. I can be involved in the physical labor of my business, and can get a work out without unbearable pain in my lower back. Even my employees have pointed out that I no longer walk around holding my back and wincing. I no longer lie in the floor in my home, stretching and hoping the next day won’t be agonizing. The fact that I can -live and enjoy health- at this point is largely because of the care and knowledge of Dr. Little.

Jennifer Emberton, Nashville, IN

I have been a patient of Dr. Little’s for over 10 years. I wouldn’t trust my chiropractor health with anyone else! He truly cares about my overall well-being and health. And now, he offers a convenient, flat monthly rate that is perfect for my budget. I’m now going consistently once a week (twice if needed) and feel better than I have in a long time. I first signed up for the $79/month plan after I slipped on some ice in the parking lot at work and landed flat on my back. He worked me in that day and aggressively treated my injury for the next few weeks. Even after the fist treatment I was able to walk better and know that if I had left it untreated I would STILL be struggling with pain today. Thank you so much for all you do Dr. Little!

Laurie Ferguson, Greencastle, IN

Dr. Scott and he is great! He is very knowledgeable about health and fitness and incorporates that with his chiropractic service. His office is comfortable and has a great atmosphere. He even gave us a Sunday treatment, for an unexpected back and ankle issue! We highly recommend Dr. Scott!

Melissa Baker, Bloomington, IN

Dr. Little is great. He is very helpful, knowledgable and great to work with. We love being able to take the whole family each week, which can be done with his great rates!

Travis Wasson, Bloomington, IN

Dr. Little got me right in on last minute notice! This is a very convenient location. I have, and will continue to advise others to visit Dr Little based on quality of care! A+

Patric Welch, Greenwood, IN

Great doctor and all-around nice guy. Very easy to talk to and work with. I love the quality of his screencasts too. He obviously knows his stuff.

John Barrett, Martinsville, IN

Dr. Little helped adjust me and take care of severe pain I was having in my shoulder. After seeing him multiple times I can say that my shoulder is completely pain FREE now! He has my highest recommendation that I can give for a chiropractor. His membership program is one of the best ideas I’ve seen around. The value you will receive is worth it all.

Marynelle McLauchlin, Elletsville, IN

Dr. Littles chiropractic care has been very beneficial for me. I feel great and my blood pressure has actually gone down. I appreciate the comfortable environment and the membership style of practice is the best. This is not your typical doctors office and that’s a good thing!

Joe Lee, Bloomington, IN

I must say that both my son and I have been patients of Scott’s and not only is he a wonderful chiropractic doctor but a wonderful human being. We couldn’t be happier!