Bob Barker: Weekly Chiropractic Care for 50+ Years

Years ago, my friend, Doug Hughes and his wife went to California to view a taping of the Price is Right.  Doug’s wife was a HUGE fan of Bob Barker and the show.

The cool thing was, and I predict not too many people are aware of the fact that Bob Barker holds a black belt in the martial arts.  Before the show started he was entertaining the audience and actually broke a board in front of everyone.  He was over 80 years old at the time.

Someone asked Mr. Barker how he was able to break the board at 80 years old, and without missing a beat stated, “I’ve been going to the chiropractor every week for 50 years.”  Wow!

I love stories like that because they demonstrate the real value and benefit of chiropractic care, specifically the benefit of weekly care, as opposed to merely getting checked and adjusted when you hurt your back or have a headache.

In our office, we see our members as frequently as necessary to stabilize their condition and get them out of pain quickly, but the true benefit comes from being checked on a weekly basis and adjusted when necessary – not because our people don’t get well, and not just so their injuries don’t come back, but rather so that they can get weller and weller, and weller (pardon the improper English)

Chiropractic is about human potential and the optimal functioning of every cell, organ, and system of the body.  Every tissue cell in the body receives nerve and mental impulses from the brain which supply power and information that cause them to function.  With optimal communication and supply of power between brain cell and tissue cell, we function better. If ANY cell in the body isn’t receiving an optimal supply of LIFE every second of the day, we aren’t functioning at our potential.

We live in a fallen world and stress is all around us (emotional, chemical, and physical). Stress creates TENSION in the body which interferes with how we function, much like a guitar string which has too much or too little tension.  The instrument doesn’t function ideally unless there is a precise tension on the strings.  Our nerves and connective tissue are exactly the same.

Our goal and objective is to make weekly, proactive, chiropractic care available to every child, teen, adult, and senior in our community.  We know that in order for our people to be optimally healthy, they need to be checked for what is called a subluxation, or simply nerve interference, on a regular basis and adjustment or fine tuning done, before crisis occurs.

In order to promote optimal health, improve quality of life, prevent disease, and simply to express Life to the fullest, we must have a nervous system free of interference.  Since we live in a fallen, stress-filled world, it is important to proactively and continually get checked and adjusted.

Our office is a membership practice.  Our people pay a monthly fee for “unlimited” chiropractic checks and adjustments.  Now,  what’s that mean?  Do our people come in every day? No.  Our people come in as often as necessary to get them stable and functioning better, then typically weekly for wellness care.  A typical practice member receives about 50 adjustments during the course of the year.  It’s all covered for their monthly membership.

We believe our fees for weekly care to be very affordable for nearly anyone to enjoy the benefits of a spine and nervous system free of nerve interference.  Weekly care for a lifetime is where it’s at.  We believe our Price is Right.