Chiropractic for Horse and Rider

I am so honored to be able to provide gentle, specific, chiropractic care to both horses and their humans.

I was raised in a horse family.  My parents met because my mother loved horses….and there was this guy with a horse.

When I was in the 5th grade, I was taking riding lessons and came off Chiquita the Appaloosa, and landed my head, like a lawn jart, on the arena floor.

I’d had daily headaches since I was 7, but this event certainly didn’t fix them.  Quite the contrary, it just became more and more difficult to concentrate and do well in school. It wasn’t until I was 21 that I began chiropractic care and the headaches finally went away.

Today, not only do I get to care for some truly amazing people, but also some of the most beautiful horses and dogs.

Animal chiropractic is so amazing because it’s a true demonstration of the principle of chiropractic in action. There is no placebo effect with dogs and horses.  They don’t have to have a faith or belief in what I’m doing for it to work. Scientists attribute around 30% of all healing to the placebo effect, but not with animals.

Chiropractic not only helps people and animals to move better and be in less pain, but also, through direct connections between the spine and brain, may help with digestion issues, immune system issues, cardiorespiratory issues, and an overall sense of peace and wellbeing.

I would love to talk to you about how chiropractic care could help your brain and nervous system to function better, resulting in any number of possible life and health improvements.  I’d love to talk to you about the same for your dog or horse.

Certainly animals need much less chiropractic care than humans.  They don’t watch FoxNews, or CNN. They don’t have Democrats or Republicans. They have no emotional attachment to Jeffery Epstein.  They don’t pay taxes, or have a string of broken relationships or disappointments (the last two could admittedly be arguable in certain cases).  Indeed, animals respond very quickly to just a few adjustments and hold their adjustments for quite awhile.

I would love to be your chiropractor, your family’s chiropractor, or care for your dog or horse.  Please call (719) 330-2501 and let’s talk.