New Office in Woodland Professional Bldg., 400 W. Midland Ave. Ste. 160 C, Starting May 29

(719) 330-2501

I am so grateful for my time in my Basecamp office (Thank you Ed), but I am happy to announce that as of Tuesday, May 29, I will be seeing patients and practice members in a new office on the FIRST FLOOR of the Woodland Professional Building.  That’s the building just west of Cafe Leo, where Peak Internet and Edward Jones is.

Our space is on the first floor. When you enter the building you either go upstairs or head down the hall to the right.  My office is to the right.  There are signs to direct you there, but know that I’m all the way at the end of that hallway.

Please call or text if you have any confusion.  My office is Ste. 160 C.  All you really need to know is that you go through the front door and head right all the way back until you find me.  As I say, there are signs to lead you the whole way!