Sleigh Ride at the M Lazy C

A soon to be Holiday Classic with a plot like no other movie ever made.....seriously, ever.

Movie Title: Sleigh Ride at the M Lazy C

Karen Little as Karen, the overpaid advertising agent and fitness model from Denver
Scott Little as Scott, the ranch hand and animal chiropractor at M Lazy C.

The scene opens with Karen interacting with her slightly effeminate fiancé, whose name is irrelevant, because he gets killed off in the first scene.  Okay, it was Brad.  Anyway, Brad was whining because his favorite holiday tradition of going to see the Nutcracker was cancelled due to covid.  Sob, sob, sob, whine, whine, whine, he gets eaten by a Kraken.

Karen is slightly sad about Brad, and decides to travel to the mountains to ease her sorrow.  She heads up the Pass in her Tahoe, and sees this cool Western store with a horse on the roof, The Cowhand. She decides retail therapy is what she needs and spends oodles of money on a new Stetson, leather jacket with fringe on the sleeves, and some red cowgirl boots that come just below the knee, oh and a green, silk, cowboy rag.

As she pays, she asks the proprietor, Merry Jo, where she could ride a horse. Merry Jo suggests the M Lazy C Ranch out in Lake George.  Karen speeds off.

She gets to the ranch, forgets about Brad, wonders if  the Kraken got a cavity from Brad’s eternal sweetness, and meets up with Tom the Wrangler.  Tom and Karen go on a ride in the mountains.  Upon their return, Karen spies this guy in the corral giving what appears to be a big hug to a mule.

Karen inquires and finds out it’s Scott, the ranch hand and animal chiropractor, and he’s giving Melba the Mule a chiropractic adjustment.  She’s intrigued. He explains that Melba and Ed are the team of mules that Tom uses to pull the sleigh, and would she like to join him on a sleigh ride.  (This is where it’s totally scandalous,  because staff and guests shouldn’t fraternize like that)….

…….She says her fiancé was eaten by a Kraken, and yeah she’d love to.  They make gingerbread cookies, drink hot chocolate, go on a sleigh ride with Tom, Ed, and Melba, fall in love, learn the true meaning of Christmas, and get married.  All thanks to Kelly and her staff at the M Lazy C Ranch…..and the Kraken.

Moral of the Story:  You should go on a Sleigh Ride at M Lazy C Ranch, in Lake George, this Holiday Season.

The End.