TRENDING: On-Site Chiropractic

Companies of all sizes should have a chiropractor as their company doctor

Whether a company has 15-20 employees, 200-1000, or they employ thousands of people, they need to have a company chiropractor(s), whose job it is to provide both therapeutic, and proactive, non-therapeutic care – to serve, to teach, and to inspire the workforce in a wellness lifestyle.  

Declining health and increased costs associated with healthcare are two realities that affect every family, business owner, and corporate leader.

More than 17% of the Gross Domestic Product is spent on healthcare.  Insurance premiums essentially doubled from 2000-2010.

Healthcare costs more and more, yet Americans are getting sicker and sicker.  This not only affects our quality of life at home, but also the culture and profitability of a corporation.

It makes sense that  a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, or put another way, “in order for a company to be healthy, it’s employees must be healthy.”

Whether one owns a roofing company employing 20 people, a manufacturing company employing several hundreds, or a large company with more than 5000 employees, the overall health of its employees is a major determining factor as to whether the company can turn a profit and stay in business.

Companies of every size must have a wellness program.

There has been a growing trend over the past decade for employers to develop, or contract with an outside vendor, to implement their own wellness program.  Program offerings may include financial incentives for weight loss or smoking cessation, “lunch and learns,” on-site fitness or discounts at off-site facilities, stretching sessions,  health fairs or screenings, even an on-site physician or nurse practitioner.

Sometimes they have a positive effect, and sometimes they are a waste of time, energy, and money.  Know this going forward: In order for a company to survive in the years to come, its leaders must take employee wellness very seriously.

I believe that every company should have a chiropractor at the center of its wellness program.  The chiropractor has a unique set of knowledge, skills, and understanding of how the body functions,  that make them better suited than any other healthcare provider in the corporate setting.

Why Chiropractic: Our Company Doctor Program

Our chiropractic practice is special in that it is a membership-style practice.  Our clients pay a monthly fee for what we call “unlimited” care at foot doctor rancho cucamonga ca.

Unlimited is defined as all of the care that is necessary to not merely get a client out of pain, but also to restore optimal function and quality of life, to promote optimal health, and to prevent further health problems from occurring.  Our clients typically see us 2-3 times per week for a few weeks, then graduate to weekly, proactive, wellness care.  We know that the best use of chiropractic care is to be seen on a regular basis, typically weekly.

Insurance does not pay for care with such an intent, but we find that our monthly fee is affordable for nearly every one, and when one accounts for high deductibles and copays, and significant restrictions on what care is “allowed,” most people realize that our membership-style is the perfect approach for themselves and their family.

Given the success of our membership approach for individuals and families, we created a program, called the Company Doctor Program, to offer small – medium sized businesses the opportunity to offer this level of care to their employees.

The employer may pay for the monthly membership fees, or the employee may pay for it himself, but every one benefits. The employer is able to provide a real and tangible wellness offering that he hopes his people will take advantage of.  He will benefit in reduced absenteeism and job related injuries.  His employees will be happier and more productive.  Often times employers report that their people seem to get along better and are more productive with weekly chiropractic care.

In addition to chiropractic care, we have the ability to make other wellness recommendations, such as strategies for fitness, weight loss or nutrition, smoking cessation, workplace safety or a host of other elements of the wellness program.  We have access to a team of fitness consultants, personal trainers, nutrition experts, and other wellness providers.

The biggest key is the relationship that is forged between the chiropractor and the employees.  Teamwork makes the dream work, and in this case the dream is a happy, healthy, workforce, that provides a significant and profitable bottom line for the employer.

What Standard Process Did

Standard Process is a leading manufacturer of whole-food nutritional supplements, employing about 33o people, in rural Wisconsin.

They are a company that understands the value that each employee brings to the job, and they are dedicated to caring for them and giving them a positive work experience.

About 10 years ago, they started their wellness program.  It began as a walking group and evolved into on-site stretching, yoga, fitness, and eventually the implementation of on-site chiropractic.

The objective of the chiropractor was not merely to take care of the employees with low back pain or headaches, but to demonstrate the far reaching benefits of both therapeutic (intended to treat an injury), and proactive, non-therapeutic care (designed to promote optimal function, quality of life and health).

The results were amazing.  The chiropractor worked in conjunction with a health coach, and together they implemented program that reduced Standard Process’ overall health costs by 55%.  They reduced absenteeism by 24%, and had a staggering 97% engagement in the program.

The program was such a huge success that after several years of tweaking and fine tuning, they created a sister company to share their model and success with others.

Introducing Cultivate By Standard Process

Standard Process took some of their best corporate leaders in human resources, finance, and research, and formed a new company called, Cultivate By Standard Process.

They developed a 4-pillar model which includes 1) Chiropractic, 2) Nutrition, 3) Fitness, and 4) Education.

Cultivate now contracts with companies of 200 or more employees to custom design a wellness program that truly is a win for everyone from the entry-level worker to the C-Suite.

The Cultivate model requires an absolute minimum amount of space to be allocated for the on-site chiropractor and wellness coordinator to perform their roles.  Some companies choose to put in full fitness studios where employees can work out, or take classes such as yoga, while other companies encourage their employees to join a gym or engage in a fitness program at home.  The wellness coordinator is specially trained to coach her client whether they are working out on-site, or doing an exercise video at home.

The viability and relationship that is “cultivated” makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a successful wellness program. The chiropractor and wellness coordinator become a part of the culture of the company.  They get to know all of the employees by name and gain an understanding of the unique demands of their job.  Often times, the chiropractor might find a recurring problem in several employees doing the same job, that would never be discovered if the employees went to several different doctors.  By working closely with managers and safety officers, ergonomic changes can be made to possibly prevent costly injuries.


I firmly believe that everyone needs to participate in a wellness lifestyle.   Exercise is important.  Nutrition is important.  There are several elements that go into an ideal wellness strategy or program.  The proactive nature of chiropractic care is something that has been overlooked by most wellness programs, and by doing so, a very powerful foundational piece – indeed, I would argue, the glue that holds the rest of the program together, is neglected.

Everyone has the potential of benefitting from regular, on-going, chiropractic care, not merely to help them through an injury, but to promote optimal health, function, and quality of life….and to prevent further injury or health problems from coming down the road.

As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, employers must look at ways to keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive.  Working directly with a chiropractor is a huge step in the right direction, whether that chiropractor spends a certain number of hours in a clinic on-site, or perhaps the employees have a special relationship that allows them to visit a specific chiropractor in his office on a weekly basis.

For more information about our Company Doctor Program, or Cultivate By Standard Process, call me at (812) 333-2501.  The Company Doctor Program is best suited for companies with fewer than 200 employees, while Cultivate works with companies of any size, greater than 200.