Weight Loss and the D Personality


There are 4 basic personality styles as described by Marston.  Everyone has a dominant personality style in a given situation.  Most of us are blends of the 4 personalities and our personality can change in a given environment.

Our personality style influences everything we do.  This post is about the D personality and some of the unique characteristics and challenges this person will have while trying to lose weight or get fit.

D stands for dominant, director, decisive, demanding, and driven.  D’s are self-starters, goal-oriented, competitive, strong-willed, decisive, ambitious, and independent.  They are often leaders, bosses, and CEO’s.  They are busy, driven, and constantly on the go.  They lead very stress-filled lives.

Stress, eating on the run, a demanding work and social life can take a toll on the D personality.  Time is a precious commodity to the D. They are multi-taskers.  In fact, they are very task-oriented – not as people-oriented.

They have challenges when they are trying to lose weight, get healthy, and get fit.  They are prone to eating fast-food, so they can get to their next appointment.  They may eat out a lot and consume portion sizes and calories beyond what is needed for health.  They may attend numerous social gatherings where alcohol, sugar, and fried-foods prevail.

When coaching a D for weight loss and fitness, we often encounter the hurdle, “I don’t have time to exercise.”  To that we may respond, “Which fits your schedule better, working out 30 minutes each day, or being dead for 24 hours a day?” The good news is that most of our Burst/Surge/Hiit workouts can be completed in 20 minutes or so and don’t require going to the gym.

D’s, as we said above, eat out a lot.  They need to be coached to make their meals at home so that they have lunch with them and don’t need to go through the drive-through.  They need to be encouraged to show restraint at dinner parties and social gatherings.  They need to get results quickly so they can realize that no food or drink tastes as good as being fit feels.

If they are engaged in exercise, their program needs a certain level of competitiveness to keep them going.  They may be competing with themselves, or a part of “Biggest Loser-type” of challenge.  They are very goal-oriented, so if they have a big enough “why” they will stay on course.  That “why” needs to be something that rewards or benefits them directly.

Their greatest fear is that of being taken advantage of.  We make sure we they understand the science behind what we’re recommending for them and help them to understand that their time, energy, and financial committment will pay off with huge dividends.

Luckily, D’s are naturally driven to continuously improve.  As coaches for D’s we just need to help them to understand themselves and their obstacles and help them to create strategies to overcome these obstacles.

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